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When you consider the value of North Carolina's statewide public television network, here are a few points to remember:

  • 77.7% of North Carolinians said UNC-TV's service is either "very important" or "important" in a statewide Elon Poll
  • North Carolina families watch more than 39 million viewer-hours of UNC-TV's children's programs annually
  • Research shows children who watch public television children's programs do better in school and in life
  • UNC-TV is North Carolina's source for PBS
  • UNC-TV is the only available North Carolina-based television broadcast service in some areas
  • UNC-TV is the most used state tax-supported service after the road system
  • UNC-TV's services cost just $1.00 per North Carolina citizen per year!
  • UNC-TV is part of North Carolina's emergency communications infrastructure, partnering with state and local public safety agencies
  • Last year UNC-TV produced 340 hours of original programming, such as North Carolina Now, Legislative Week in Review, and North Carolina Weekend

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